Grease Shark – Heat Exchanger

Transforms waste into a new energy source with an Enjay Heat Exchanger. Recovers excess heat, saves money and the planet.

Save Energy & Money

The energy inherent in your kitchen exhaust is currently considered a waste – every year the average restaurant throws away 100 000 kWh straight out into the ambient air.

Our Solution

Enjay’s heat exchanger transforms that waste into a new energy source, available within your building. The excess heat in your kitchen exhaust is recaptured and returned to your heating system. As your kitchen produces a lot of excess heat, the recaptured energy is enough to replace almost all of the energy you buy from your utility today to heat the kitchen.

Every project is unique, but thanks to the massive savings of energy and money, the pay-back time is short. Generally, the investment in recapturing of excess heat at a new-build site pays off in less than two years. Note – at the current energy prices, the payback time is shorter.

Cleaning of the Unit

The unit is kept free of grease by the Grease Shark System, so no clogging up of the coils in the heat exchange unit.

Fossil CO2 reduction
Recapturing excess heat is one of the most efficient ways to reduce emissions of fossil CO2. The energy saving of 106 000 kWh translates into reducing the fossil CO2 emissions by 30 000 kg.

Proven Solution.
The Enjay heat exchanger has been in operation in Sweden, Norway for a number of years and more recently in the UK. Burger King among many others have installed the system in all of their restaurants in Sweden and Norway and in recent times have commenced installing it in their UK restaurants.

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