How It Works

Installation & Maintenance

How It Works

Grease Shark is an automated system that uses advanced biotechnology to prevent grease, fats, and oils (FOGS) from accumulating in your commercial kitchen extract system.

Grease Shark works by introducing fine micro droplets of enzymes into the kitchen extraction and ventilation systems, ensuring that wherever air flows Grease Shark will follow into ductwork, canopies, filters, fans, silencers and ventilated ceilings.

At an interval determined by the volume and type of cooking taking place, the pump engages and sprays the enzymes throughout the system. The spray apparatus is installed within the canopy itself, behind the filters.

The enzymes break down any grease present, and the residue from this process exits with the air flow and is harmlessly absorbed by nature.


Installation of the Grease Shark system is easy. Pre installation we will know all we need to know from an on-site survey, so we arrive fully prepared for a fast installation.


We will carry out the required TR19 inspections as stipulated by your insurance company and provide the relevant TR19 certification.

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